Balancing Life and Weight Loss

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Hello from the Detroit airport!

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That’s right, not even two weeks in to contest prep and I ended up leaving the comfort, safety, and ease of my contest prep life to hit the road. You see, what many competitors forget is that there is life outside of prep. Hard to believe I know.

Since the beginning of time people have thought of fitness competitors as being crazy strict, anti social, gym loving freaks. Heck, even fitness competitors think of themselves as this way, because how else would you prep for a show!? Well, times are changing and its time competitors and those looking to lose a few extra pounds alike, to recognize that life is an important part of prep and weight loss. The moment you close off friends, family, and social situations is the moment your journey becomes an unhealthy one. Its when your sole focus becomes on your body, and an unhealthy relationship of chasing perfection can begin.

Here’s a tidbit to remember:

The stage will always be there.

Whether you are prepping to step on stage or not, the idea is one to remember.

You can’t get back time and memories with friends and family. 

You and your goals should always be a priority, but it should be a priority that’s well balanced with the other priorities in your life. After your show, or after you lose those last ten pounds, are your friends going to remember to invite you places? Or because  over the last 5 months you said no to everything will they not even bother? Are you going to regret missing your nephew’s first birthday party, your cousin’s wedding, the list goes on and I’m sure you are catching on by now. These moments come once in a life time. Yes, stepping on stage in a sparkly bikini may be your number one goal at this time in your life, but don’t let that stop you from being there for the people you care about.


So how do you balance it all, how can you have a social life yet still reach your goals? I wrote THIS article some time back about travelling healthy. If you are far enough out from your show, like I was this weekend, I ate mostly on point yet allowed myself to have some treats that didn’t necessarily fit a figure show diet. I did pack snacks, cooked most of my own meals, and stayed as active as I could.

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The closer I get to my show date the less “treats” I will allow and the more strict I will be with packing meals to events and finding gyms in different places I travel to, but I will still enjoy the company. Using Flexible Dieting allows me to partake in events and not feel like I am totally missing out. I can eat my own food, pick from food at the party, and still reach my goals at the end of the day with a happy mind, body, and heart.

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So while keeping your goals in mind, go out and have some fun!


What are your favorite ways of staying on track while enjoying life?




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