How to Make a Change Successful

weight change

weight change
We’re back! It has been quiet around here at FITsique for some time and I’d like to apologize for that first. I haven’t forgotten about all of you. There’s this beautiful thing called “Life” that brings about a lot of good and bad times at moments you can’t expect them. Well things have been on the tougher side around here and busier than I had ever imagined. I am in my last semester of school and it is the hardest one yet! I am also still working and I have a beautiful new puppy, so time has been limited.Something had to give and unfortunately it was my writing. (oh the irony I wrote this whole post and WP deleted it! Thanks for the help WP!) Oh and please meet this beautiful girl, Reva. She is the light of my life right now:

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Today, I want to talk about change and knowing when you are ready. There are changes that come about unexpectedly and we have to face them with our best foot forward, but there are also changes that we choose.

Let’s flashback to December 31st when millions of people chose the change of health and fitness. It’s now mid-February and the majority of these people have fallen back into their old lifestyles. Why? Because they weren’t ready for the change. When I sit down with a new client or even a friend who wants to lose weight, I can determine within the first five minutes of the conversation if they will be successful this time through. I know, that’s a bold statement to make, but I find that no matter the tools and support I , or another trainer can give to someone, if they are not ready for the change in which they are embarking on, they will never be successful. I’ve talked in the past about setting goals, and even how to start a fitness program to be successful, but the real starting point is with the very first statement you make.

One of the first questions I ask someone who wants to get healthy, toned, into shape or what have you, is “On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to make this change?” Truthfully, if the answer is anything less than a 10, that suggests to me that they aren’t really ready. They haven’t made a plan to be successful, and it tells me there is uncertainty, and a level of fear and hesitation that needs to be addressed.

If you answer with anything less than a 10 than the next question is “Why did you not choose the 10? What is holding you back from being there?” What follows is usually a list of fears or even justifications of why you won’t be successful. Things like “I just don’t think I have the time, I have failed before, I just don’t know if I can give up my nightly ice cream etc”. This person is pretty much justifying their failure and inability to do this before they even start.

So what can we do? Before we even start talking about goals, how many days a week to work out, and what dietary changes to make, we tackle this list. Write all of these fears and hesitations down on a piece of paper. Then go through each issue and come up with a plan, so that this is really not an excuse in the future. If someone’s first issue is ” I work really late on Monday’s and always have to go to the drive-thru” Then we set up a plan like cooking an extra serving of dinner every Sunday night to have ready for Monday. If someone says “I don’t know what food to buy”, then we possibly go to the grocery store together and learn. ” I don’t really have time to go to the gym” we then set up a home workout etc. If you can tackle these road blocks right from the beginning and have a thorough plan set up. then it is more likely that this change will happen. At the end of the day, the motivation has to come within. No change, whether its fitness related or not, is easy. If you aren’t 100% committed and certain that you can make the change then expect a few set backs along the way. The more ready you are from the beginning the easier this journey will be.



What keeps you from making changes?

Do you like change or hate it? 

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