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i love my dogs

As I work on getting this site up and running, my original vision was for it to be a place for you to come, learn, and discuss nutrition and training ideas. I still want it to be just that, but I also want to throw in some of ME every now and then, and let you get to know me! I believe I first saw this on Courtney’s blog and then saw it again this week on Ashley’s, and thought that this was an awesome and easy way to get this started! So without further ado here are some of my favs!

Person: I don’t think I could ever pick just one! (Ok, so I might be bad at this “favorite” type of thing!) My family and T top my list!

Color: Pink, but sometimes yellow too.

Food: Peanut butter… or ice cream…ok maybe pizza 😉

Smell: This seems like a weird question. I think I would have to go with the smell of coffee??

Book: There’s so many, but the Harry Potter series will always be a favorite for me. #nerd

Movie: The Lion King. Ohhhh when Disney was unstoppable. The Disney movies today just do not compare.

Thing that makes you smile: I’ve got two here. These two honestly crack me up every single day. Meet Kane and Harley: i love my dogs

Time of day: I love the mornings for the chance to sit down, relax and drink a pot  a cup of coffee before the day gets going.

Day of the week: Monday. I know, I know, I’m probably the only person in history to pick Monday, but I love the feeling of a fresh start to a new week.

Things to do when bored: I wish I had more ideas for this one sometimes! I typically read or catch up on blogs.

Celebrity: Kenny Chesney. I’ll meet you down in the Islands!


Drink: Coffee, obviously!

TV show: This changes often, a few of my favorites are Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, and now Scandal.

Fruit: I love all fruit, but if I had to pick one it would be strawberries.

Vegetables: No brainer…broccoli. I eat it every day.

Store/shop: The grocery store! Ha!

Workout: Anytime I am lifting weights! I am a girl who loves lifting as much weight as I can.

Quote: hard work quote

I don’t even know who said it first, but I love it.

Potato chip flavor: I’m not a big chip person, but if I’m going to eat chips I’m going to stick to Trader Joe’s black bean and quinoa tortilla chips!

Meal of the day: Uhh Breakfast. For every meal. All day long!

peanut butter ice creamIce cream flavor: Chocolate Peanut butter cup. It’s all of my favorite things in one dish!


Season: Spring. I love the end of the grey winter season, the flowers blooming, and the hint of warm weather coming through.

Dessert: Proyo! My greek yogurt and protein powder concoction! It’s simple: I take plain greek yogurt and add in some protein powder, cocoa powder or sugar free jello pudding mix, and stir it up good. Then I add whatever toppings I feel like for the day! It’s a lighter spin on ice cream!

Lifehack: I’ve got nothing here. Honestly, I am so amazed when I read life hacks. How do people figure that stuff out?!


Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me!!! Now it’s your turn pick a question and tell me your favorites!


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