Five Favorite Things For Friday

Favorite things Friday

Favorite things Friday


Happy Friday! I’m introducing my five favorite things for Friday where I can share some things I’m loving lately! Here’s a quick roundup of some of my favorite things from the week!

Favorite Meal:

Waffles! Every time I make waffles I always think ” and in the morning…I’m makin’ WAFFLES!” Name that movie. My post workout waffle will never get old. Secretly this is what keeps me motivated to hit the gym in the morning knowing I get to come home and eat a meal like this:

Apple Waffle


This is the simple recipe I use for the base-

15g oatmeal

15 g flour (wheat, white, gf, buckwheat)

5 g coconut flour

5 g brown rice flour

½ tsp psyllium husk

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp vanilla extract

40 g pumpkin

80 g egg whites

Plus any additions you want! In this waffle I added blueberries, cinnamon chips, and apples

Simply add it all together and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Favorite Workout:

I’ve really been focusing on my deadlifts recently and trying to make them a stronger lift for me. This Sunday workout leaves me sore until Thursday, but I can tell I’m getting better each week.

Deadlift Workout

 Favorite Buy:

Have you guys heard of Twice? It’s an online company that buys your gently used clothes and sells some pretty great stuff at a cheap price. I haven’t sold anything to them yet, they are picky about the brands they accept, but anything they don’t buy from you they will donate on to Goodwill so it’s really a win-win! Plus they send you a free bag to ship all of your stuff to them. I requested a bag to sell some of the stuff out of my closet but couldn’t help picking out this Nike jacket for only $15!Twice top

And of course one of the pups had to photo bomb 🙂 But talk about a deal. It was shipped to me and arrived within three days of when I purchased it, and it came in nearly brand-new condition. This is such a great option for my college budget, heck even if I wasn’t in college its pretty awesome! Plus it’s a great way to make some extra cash. When you sign up you even get bonus credits to make your shopping Twice as nice!

 Favorite Song:

I can’t get enough of this new catchy Kenny song this week.

Favorite Fun:

This summer we have been all about the hiking. Its cheap, fun, and gets you some extra exercise in the process. We have been hiking the gorges in the Daniel Boone National Forest which is just a short drive from our house. The pups have been loving it too!

Hiking with Dog



Hiking with Dog 2



Hiking with dogs


Now its your turn! Tell me some of your favorites from the week!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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