Fit and Healthy Banana Bread

Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

IIFYM healthy banana bread


Today, I have something good for you. I know it’s the dead of summer and everyone is out grilling and soaking up the rays, but please bear with me.  You see, I have this problem.

My problem is that…. I buy bananas.

Ok, ok, so THAT’S not the problem! The real problem is that I buy bananas and then I don’t use them. Without a doubt, just about every week goes by and I end up with some overly ripe naners that need some serious help. I HATE throwing things out, so I needed a healthy way to cure my problem use them up! Even though the days are hot, there’s always time for some good banana bread. This banana bread I have for you today is delicious, healthy, and won’t hurt that summer beach bod. This banana bread is different from the rest because there is no wheat, gluten, dairy, or sugar added! So the next time you find yourself neglecting those naners sitting on your counter try this bread out!


What You Need:

3 ripened bananas, mashed (270g)
2 large eggs (100g)
1 egg white (46g)
2 TBSP coconut oil (26g)
2 TBSP unsweetened applesauce (40g)
2 TBSP sugar free maple syrup (30g)
10 drops of vanilla crème stevia
1tsp baking powder
1tsp vanilla extract
1tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp salt
1/2c coconut flour (50g)
1/2c almond flour (60g)
1/2 Tbsp chia seeds (7g)

Fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, or additive of choice!

Healthy gluten free banana bread recipe

What You Do:

Preheat your oven to 350°.

Spray a bread pan with olive oil cooking spray, or line with parchment paper,  and set aside.

In a medium bowl, mix all of your dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl, mix all of your wet ingredients. Pour your wet ingredients into your dry and mix until moistened. Add in your chosen additions like blueberries or chocolate chips. Pour mixture into your prepared bread pan. Bake for 50-60 minutes.  Let cool and enjoy!Gluten free banana bread


Makes 10 servings.

Macros per serving:  120 calories; 11g Carbohydrates, 7.5g Fat, 5g Protein, 4g Fiber  ( additions will alter macros, this is the macros for the recipe as written, plain).



What’s your favorite way to use up those too ripe bananas?


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