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Hey guys! Long time, no blog: whomp, whomp.


Since the last time I talked to you, I finally finished my nursing degree!! The last semester was probably the toughest of my career but it resulted in an immense sense of accomplishment, passing the NCLEX (nursing boards) on the first try, AND landing my dream first nursing job! So to say the least, the last few months have been a whirlwind, but I’m here to stay.

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It always seems once I get my mind on something I can’t stop until its complete (hey three degrees haha). Recently I haven’t been able to get enough of the Mind, Body, Musings podcast from Madelyn Moon. She does a stellar job offering up tips and ideas to lose the “diet” mentality, learn to love yourself and your life, and to find a true mind-body connection. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to check it out, but especially to those who are looking to lose the word diet from their life. Which seemingly leads me to my next point …what the heck have I been doing in the gym and with my diet?


Well friends, let me tell you when life gets busy, it gets REALLY busy. 14-15 hour work days are not unheard of for me anymore. Working, taking care of my puppy, maintaining some sort of social life, and staying healthy are all top priorities for me, and they just need to take their turns getting fit in. While working and taking care of my dog are must dos; hanging with friends, two hour workouts, and meal preps are not always.


If you talked to me a year ago, this would not have been the case. I would have given up sleep, any sort of social life, even precious time with my puppy outside to go to the gym everyday and to count every macro on my plate. What I’ve realized in the year’s time is that my pup doesn’t love me because I count macros, my friends aren’t my friends because I go to the gym everyday and look a certain way, the important things in life don’t matter if I shut them out to reach an ideal body or to maintain an “I’m amazing at health and fitness” appearance. I think in today’s day and age we get caught up in Facebook and Instagram and this idea of an “ideal” fitness life. Through perfectly thought out posts and pictures we forget what these people may be giving up to reach the physiques they struggle to maintain day in and day out. So all though I am not completely there, I am learning to find a balance between all of these priorities in my life. To stay healthy and happy, while doing the things I must do and fitting in all of the things that I want to do. Life is like walking on a delicate tightrope, and we must balance accordingly to maintain our center.


So where does that leave me today? I am prioritizing my new career and getting my feet well under me in a world where it’s easy to sink as a new nurse. I am also prioritizing the people in my life. Although I am happily introverted, I am making an effort to meet with my friends once or twice a week to build and maintain those important relationships. I am finding a balance between IIFYM and intuitive eating and using them both to maintain my sanity, health, and physique in this time where I know there are shows coming up for me in the next year :). I am hitting the gym, whether its 2 days a week or 6, and am busting my butt for the time I have to be there, and I’m grateful for that. On the days I can’t get to the gym I make sure the pup gets an extra walk or we do something to be a little more active rather than crashing on the couch after work. I definitely don’t have it all figured out yet, but everyday I am realizing is a chance to be happy with where I’m at and figure out these small details as I go.


You see even, fitness professionals don’t have it figured out. Some may call it falling off the wagon, but I like to see it as a teaching experience. No one is perfect, but the more consistent you can be in a time of craziness, the less you have to worry about falling in to the deep end.


Stay strong, happy, and healthy my friends!



What do you want to hear about next?

What do you feel about focusing on other goals besides the gym and diet?

What is one thing you think can strengthen your mind-body connection?

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