Overcoming Fears and Doubts in Your Weight loss Journey


A few years back, I took the plunge and competed in an NPC figure competition. A group of my friends were doing it together, and well..it made that decision an easy one. I knew I would have the support system I needed on those days where pizza sounded better than chicken, and where bed sounded better than… well, anything!

So I did it!  That’s right, once upon a time, I looked like this:

NPC Figure

You can read about my journey through that show here.


But that was three years ago. There have been countless times in between then and now where I’ve said

” This is it, I’m going to prep for a show”

But it just never happened.

It could be there wasn’t the same support system, this time it would be on my own. Or it never seemed like the right time to diet again, there were too many events I didn’t want to diet through. Plus the usual, not enough time, not enough money, the list goes on. I had every excuse in the book, and so I never competed.

So with having every excuse in the book, it was time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Clearly, this was something I wanted to do because it crossed my mind so frequently. I realized all of the doubts and excuses I had been making, and also realized that they were still there. The only thing I have this time that is different from all of those other times is this realization. There was no extra boost of motivation, an extra 15 hours added to my week, an extra check in my mailbox, an invention that made you lose weight without dieting, nothing that would make this journey easy. All I’m running on is the fact that I know what my limitations are ahead of time and I can use that knowledge to fight the excuses that will follow me through this journey.

And I’ll let you in on a secret: anyone about to embark on a weight loss journey, contest prep, or other big change in their life faces similar battles.

Rarely, if ever, is someone in the right place at the right time with all of the right resources to make it easy. Everyone will  struggle at some point during their journey, and only those who recognize their excuses and justifications are the ones that will succeed. The journey is never easy, but you can do things ahead of time that will set you up for success. Take a day, a week, even a month to sit down and write out all of the reasons you think you can’t do this, and then write down all of the ways you will overcome these doubts before you even think of starting. If you go in with no plan, you come out with no success.


So follow me through my journey to get back on the stage this fall! After all, I may need a little support group to help me through those “I want to quit” moments.



What are your fears or doubts before starting something new?


  1. Great post Kim! You’ve got this! <3 As you know, I am terrified of doing new things, but it is the only way to make changes and to get out of a routine.

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