Dealing with Missed Workouts

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Happy Monday!

I don’t know where you are in the country, but we have a rainy week ahead of us here. Mother Nature missed the “April showers, brings May flowers” memo.

So today is official the start of week 3 of my contest prep and I wanted to up date you all! So far I am down about 4lbs and I haven’t had to lower my macros much yet. Over the last 2 weeks I have simply dropped ten grams of carbs out of my daily intake. An amount I barely even notice. I still have one or two meals a week where I don’t count macros since I am still far enough out from my competition. My plan for this week is to keep things the same, and re-address my macros on Thursday to see if any minor changes need to be made mid-week.

So guess what happened last week….

I didn’t work out.

Ok so that’s not completely true, but out of my 5 scheduled workouts I made ONE, yup ONE.

Cue freak out moment here.

Surprisingly the freak out was minor. In the past this would have probably been detrimental to me, and I would have gone down the road of “I’m behind on prep now, I am going to lose all of my muscle, my strength is gone, etc. etc. ”

When these thoughts started to enter my head I instead thought, “There’s a lot of more important stuff going on this week, I can’t possibly lose muscle in a weeks time, I will come back stronger next week after my body has had a needed rest.” And that is exactly what I am doing.

Yes missing an unplanned week of workouts is not ideal when I have a lofty goal in front of me, but life and workouts keep moving on. If you remember I wrote this article about not being ready to compete in a figure competition. Starting a weight loss phase or prepping for a figure competition requires an immense amount of mental stability. If small moments like this are going to cause you to jump off the deep end then now may not be the right time for you to make a change like this. It’s important to have the mental and emotional strength to have a safe prep. So this week coming up I am going to focus on getting good, quality workouts in, hitting my macros daily, and enjoying the rain lazy days inside!



What do you do when you miss more workouts than expected?


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  1. I’ve missed nearly 12 months of workouts. With a wedding coming up in decided to get back to it. Today, the squat rack was empty, isn’t it always? Repped out some low weight sets, completed my workout and now I feel like my mind isn’t even communicating with my legs! Surprised I can stand up! Thanks for the motivation!

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