A Day in My Life

I have something a little different and a little more on the lighthearted side today! I’m going to take you through a day in my life! Enjoy!


5:45 AM: Alarm clock goes off Kane wakes up, jumps on my bed, and nudges my face to tell me to move over. He curls up next to me and we pretend we don’t have to wake up for a little bit longer. Dog Wake up


6:00AM:Ok ok, now its really time to get up. I get up and immediately grab a cup of coffee. Shortly after I make an egg and toast and we take the pooches for a walk.

Old picture alert, but their butts always look this cute!


7:15AM: We head to the gym. Today’s workout is hypertrophy legs… I think I want to throw up. I’m going to be sore from this one.

8:30AM: Head home, shower, and make an egg white omelet and a waffle. Pack up all of my food an head out the door.



9:00 AM: This morning I have orientation for one of my clinical rotations this semester. It’s a pediatric facility. When we show up there’s kids running around playing and I decide I can’t wait for these clinical days to start!

10:00AM: Drive to campus and search forever for a parking spot. Why do college campuses always have the WORST parking!?

10:30AM: I make it to class just in time. Sit down and commence three hours of boredom.

11:00AM: I am STARVING. Whip out a bar to munch down to get me through the rest of the class.


Eat in class

12:00PM: Ten minute break from class..thank goodness. This class is going to be brutally boring this semester.

12:10PM: Class starts, recommence boredom for the next hour and 20 minutes.

1:30PM: Class is finally over! Head up to T’s office to eat my lunch and work on some assignments. I also spend this time to catch up on your lovely blogs 🙂

2:00PM: Starbucks is calling my name, and I must answer. Today I just grab a drip dark roast. I head back up to the office and finish up some work.



3:00PM: Run to Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries. This day’s haul included Peanut butter, spinach, artichokes, Ezekial bread, egg whites, cream, greek yogurt, and turkey burgers.

3:30PM: Rush home to put the groceries away, grab a snack, and let the pups out for a potty/play break.

3:50PM:  Head back out the door, thank goodness I work close to home!

4:00-8:45PM: Work, work, work! I did a bad job planning my day today so I need to run to subway for a quick dinner. Its  been ages since I went there and its still as good as I remember!

9:00PM: Get home, take the dogs for a walk (T was home with them all of this time so don’t think they are lonely ALL day long!)

9:30PM: Eat my Proyo and Ice cream bowl, and pack all of my food for tomorrow!


Flex bowl

9:45PM: Shower, brush my teeth and head to bed. I read for 15-20 minutes and then I’m out like a light to do it all again tomorrow! Phew. Long day!


What are your days like?

Do you plan everything out the night before?



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